SALGA Hosts its North West Provincial Members Association (PMA) Meeting

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) hosted its North West Provincial Members Association (PMA) meeting in January 2020. The event was held over two days, and the programme included an array of speakers as well as panel discussions. The LGSETA was part of the agenda and presented its role as a partner and stakeholder in the local government sector. Using the platform, the LGSETA shared with the delegates its mandate, interventions it has rolled out in the province, successes as well as limitations in implementation within the province.  

From numerous stakeholder engagement activities that were held by the LGSETA North West provincial office, the office has earned numerous achievements. The SALGA relationship is also one of the many positive outcomes which are yielding positive results. From the PMA involvement, the LGSETA is becoming a standard agenda item in numerous governance structures in municipalities.  


Figure 1: Mr Bangeni Masixole (North West Provincial Manager)


Recently, the LGSETA was allocated a slot in the SALGA municipal capacity building and sustainability working group. The chairperson of the working group Cllr Sheila Mabale Huma, who is the speaker for Rustenburg Local Municipality, has committed to ensuring that speakers in the North West are carrying an oversight role of the LGSETA programmes, in their respective councils. 

A commitment on this action was part of the communication to the speaker’s forum held on 14 February 2020. The interest is to ensure that the skills development agenda does not only rest with Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs), but rather it becomes an integrated activity aligned to the municipalities planning and actions. With the LGSETA work being mainstreamed and supported with oversight from accounting authorities, it is expected that outcomes will be greater with notable impact in the local government sector. This is the intend-ed consequence for the mandate of the LGSETA, and expected stakeholder benefits. 


Figure 2: Hon. Mothibedi Kegakilwe (MEC for Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs)


Going forward, the LGSETA seeks to intensify its relations with stakeholders to ensure, not only implementation occurs, but ownership, monitoring and impact is obtained from partners where interventions are happening.